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3×3 study regarding Kinisis Progen

Kinisis Progen was administered to 421 patients with joint problems from 300 physicians (orthopedics and traumatology).In cases of injuries  was administered with anti-inflammatory as well.In cases of other diseases in the joints was administered alone.

Study results

• Decreases pain mainly in women and older patients.

• The general condition of the patients improved mainly in men and patients under 40.

• Improvement can be shown by the second week of  treatment.

• Compared with the corresponding products, appeared to be more effective, more pleasant to take it (drink it) and with faster results.



Large number of clinical studies recording the absorption and beneficial action of enzymatically hydrolysed collagen in joints and skin.

The literature on the effect of enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen:
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4. Efficacy and tolerance of enzymatic hydrolysed collagen (EHC) vs. glucosamine sulphate (GS) in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (KOA), Tomáš Trč και Jana Bohmová

The literature on the effect of ursolic acid:
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