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Τhe evolutionary composition that strengthens muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and bones by improving the movement, support and recovery times from injuries.

Unique Composition

HC15, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate complex (EP 2596796 patent). Chondroitin sulfate has been used as a carrier of hyaluronic acid to ensure the stability of the acid by taking up the absorption of the joint. Furthermore, in addition to acting as a carrier, chondroitin sulfate has a beneficial effect on joints, documented in numerous clinical studies.

High purity bioactive collagen peptides that activate the synthesis of collagen in articular cartilage, ligaments and tendons that are affected by degenerative diseases or injuries. Clinical studies show that the hydrolyzed collagen improves the symptoms of osteoarthritis, reducing pain and the feeling of stiffness.

Ursolic acid, a natural ingredient that is found in many fruits and inhibits the activity of genes involved in muscle atrophy, leading to muscle growth, toning and strengthening.

Vitamin C, helps collagen synthesis for the correct functioning of cartilage in joints, reducing inflammatory responses and protects against free radicals.

Is addressed to:

  • Cases where degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis, sarcopenia, etc.) and injuries (fractures, hip etc.) cause pain in joints and muscle loss, affecting the movement and support of the human body.
  • Athletes, for better performance and for preventing injuries.
  • Cases of injuries and surgeries, for faster recovery.
  • Cases where the exhausting routine leads to a physical weakness of the the human body and affects the musculoskeletal system.

Recommended duration of use

The proposed use for maximum results in athletes and in cases of degenerative diseases is four months in a row, two months break, 2 times a year. In cases of injuries and surgical interventions in the musculoskeletal system, the recommended use is until the end of the recovery process.

Official distributor OPKO Health

Kinisis Progen produced and packed in Spain by OPKO Health, company with a 25 year tradition in research and production of food supplements and presence in more than 30 countries.

Active Ingredients: Per 100 g Per dosage (2,8 g)
Hydrolyzed Collagen 89.3 g 2500 mg
Vitamin C 1,43 g 40 mg
Extract from Eriobotrya japonica

Ursolic Acid provided

804 mg 22,5 mg

– Hyaluronic acid

– Chondroitin sulphate


450 mg

450 mg


12.5 mg

12.5 mg